Annual Dental Program

Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic appreciates our clients. We also deeply care for every animal that walks through our doors. Dental health is important, however, we understand that it can put a financial strain on our clients. We have created a solution to ensure that every pet has the opportunity to receive preventative dental care. Maintaining your pet’s oral health should save you money & time by avoiding major dental treatment needed for advanced periodontal disease!

Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic believes that maintaining a patient’s oral health with annual dental can increase the quality and duration of life!

An annual dental can help prevent your pet from:

  • Experiencing severe discomfort/pain
  • Organ complications caused by periodontal disease
  • Loss and wearing of teeth
  • Halitosis – Bad Breath

How does it work?

Your pet will receive one yearly dental procedure at program rate of $196 per dental, for years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Optional pre-surgical lab testing and extended pain management will be available.


  1. Patient must be up to date on animal vaccines/test with Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic
  2. Client commits to annual dental for the years 2019-2021
Ready to join our dental program? Contact us today!