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Posted By :    Alexander Perez
Posted :    5/18/2018
Comments :    We went in for a routine visit. The doctor immediately noticed that Jackson's teeth were not so good. We had a dental done and his teeth are like new!

Posted By :    Ryan Hughes
Posted :    4/12/2018
Comments :    You will not find better care for your pet than at Highway 30 Vet. Dr. Lackey is very skilled in what he does. Thanks to him my dog, roscoe, can now live a happy life. 

Posted By :    Julius Salamone  (bjsal92@hotmail.com) 
Posted :    6/11/2016
Comments :    Hwy 30 has been our go to for years. The year we moved to BCS 1996, we have trusted the doctors with the every day as well as the emergency care of our extended family members.
Posted By :    Pat & Tommy Davis
Posted :    5/25/2016
Comments :    Dr. Lackey and his staff are professional, friendly, and the love they have for animals is very evident. They have been absolutely great. Dr. Lackey is a superb veterinarian and we trust our beloved pets to his care. We could not give a stronger recommendation than that.
Posted By :    Sue Williamson
Posted :    5/3/2016
Comments :    Drs. Lackey and staff are always there for our family and pets. Hunter, Sophie, Max, Ginger and Crickette. Hwy 30 Vet is literally an extension of our family. If you are looking for a "family doctor" for your pet family, this is the place. Each pet is treated as their own.
Posted By :    Brad
Posted :    3/10/2016
Comments :    My chihuahua is high maintenance and he actually likes boarding here because the technicians are so sweet to him. I really love that he feels at home there. I would definitely recommend Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic.
Posted By :    Marcy Chandler
Posted :    6/26/2015
Comments :    We absolutely love the doctors and staff at Highway 30! Everyone is so friendly as soon as you walk in the door and they always remember us. I am so appreciative that Dr. Lackey treats our animals like we do. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our pets!
Posted By :    Victoria
Posted :    1/9/2015
Comments :    Really impressed! Dr. Gary made me feel very comfortable and made sure I understood what needed to be done for my dog that had an ear infection. Her infection turned out to be a really bad one and because we had cultured the ear, my dog was put on the correct antibiotic. Thank you Dr. Gary!
Posted By :    April
Posted :    10/14/2014
Comments :    Drs. Lackey always take the best care of my dogs. Bernice is prone to ear infections and Dr. Gary always makes sure her ears are cleaned out really well and the correct antibiotic is used. Thank you Hwy 30 Vet!!!
Posted By :    Doris Simpson
Posted :    5/29/2014
Comments :    Love this clinic! Always a happy experience. My dog actually runs in the front door.
Posted By :    Alex
Posted :    3/24/2014
Comments :    Dr. Gary took great care of my dog, Daisy. She had a bad ear infection which he treated with an "ear pack". It was so nice because I did not have administer any medicine in my dog's ears myself.
Posted By :    Jessica Vaughn
Posted :    1/9/2014
Comments :    I absolutely love this place. When you walk in the girls are always very friendly and knowledgeable. They always make sure I am aware of what the doctor wants to do and anything I might not know to look for, like the ear infection my cat had last month. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my baby, Maddy. Thank you for giving her so much attention and care!!!
Posted By :    Elaine Pittman  (jmasur@stx.rr.com) 
Posted :    6/21/2013
Comments :    We had our Chihuahua's Dental work at the clinic. WE received the best care ever. I Highly recommend taking all your small animals there for all your needs. The staff is amazing. They are very kind and helpful..
Posted By :    Gregory R. Bludau
Posted :    4/16/2013
Comments :    HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! The finest quality service is provided by the most genuine, knowledgeable, and compassionate experienced veterinary staff of Dr. Lackey and Dr. Diane at Highway 30 Vet Clinic. After making several calls to other local vet clinics, I immediately felt defeated by the high cost estimates I would be required to pay upfront. I began to lose hope in my efforts to save my dog, Veave. I took the recommendation of a friend, Go take your dog to Highway 30 Vet Clinic. Dr. Lackey and Dr. Diane will take good care of your dog and are willing to work out anything with you. I made a call to Highway 30 Vet Clinic and spoke with the exceptionable receptionist, Jennifer, and set up an appointment the next morning with ease. Simply expressed, my experience at Highway 30 Vet Clinic began with tears of sadness as I carried my deathly ill dog, Veave, through the front door with little to no hope for a positive outcome. I was immediately greeted by Dr. Diane and several very courteous staff members, Jennifer, Dana and Natasha. I was informed as to the severity of Veaves illness which would require emergency surgery. I had to express my financial situation and I already knew that I could not afford to pay to save Veave. At that moment I knew, I would most likely be putting my dog down. Moments later, I was greeted by Dr. Lackey and Dr. Diane who reviewed the x-rays with me. I knew I was about to be faced with a tough and emotional decision. I was surprised and extremely grateful when Dr. Lackey gave me news that he would be applying the Moore Fund, a generous donation to Veaves bill, along several other extremely generous discounts from Highway 30 Vet Clinic resulting in less than half the total amount. The decision was easy, and I felt so much relief. Veave was going to receive treatment! Following the surgery and several days of recovery for Veave I was continuously kept abreast of Veaves progress. Those previous tears of sadness transformed into tears of joy and happiness. I now have a happy and healthy, tail-wagging Veave. I will forever be in their debts and am extremely grateful for the kindness, compassion and generosity Veave and I were shown during the last few weeks.
Posted By :    Les and Konyi Hansen
Posted :    3/25/2013
Comments :    Dr. Gary and Dr. Diane played a very important role in identifying the root cause of our family member's critical health issue. Being from out of town, they reached out to our local vet to understand what steps had already been taken to evaluate the issue so not to duplicate efforts and increase costs. They refused to leave that day until they had some answers, and long after their office had closed, they performed surgery and removed a plastic toy piece. They nurtured him back to health, continuing to go over and beyond any standard. In the 33 years that we've owned pets, we've rarely experienced this level of passion, caring, communication, and dedication. Dr. Gary, Dr. Diane, Dana, Jennifer, and the entire staff are absolutely amazing and we will forever be grateful for them saving Chance's life.
Posted By :    Lorena Anderson
Posted :    3/11/2013
Comments :    We were recommended to this vet clinic by my best friend. I called 4 vet clinics in Conroe and none would do payment plans. My son and I are so grateful for Highway 30 Vet Clinic and their caring heart. The staff is so wonderful and thoughtful that it makes not only the owner of the dog, but the dog feel comfortable. All I can say is thank you for being the way you are.
Posted By :    Kate and Daniel Zamora
Posted :    9/6/2012
Comments :    Our dog Deuce, was a long time patient of Highway 30 vet after he was found 4 years ago after escaping our backyard by a vet tech who was jogging in our area. Every since then, Highway 30 has been our veterinarian of choice and Deuce's caretakers when he became sick or if we were out of town. Recently, Deuce became very sick while Daniel and I were out of the country for our wedding and honeymoon. Dr. Lackey and his team worked day and night to figure out the issue and make the best decisions for Deuce on our behalf in our absence. Once we returned, they all spent time explaining our options and causes for Duece's illness, as well as giving us both their personal cell phone numbers to call at any time should we have any questions. The vet techs took time to explain how to administer medication, and never made us feel like we were wasting their time. In the end, Duece was unable to overcome his illness. As devestated as we are by the loss of Deuce, we are so grateful and thankful to have a team at Highway 30 Vet looking after our family. We will continue to bring our dogs to Dr. Lackey and his team because there are no better people to take care of our animals. We will never forget the kindness, compassion, and generosity we were shown during the past couple of weeks. I would recommend their veterinary and boarding services to anyone looking for a quality veterinary care and good people all around.
Posted By :    Sara Kern
Posted :    8/27/2012
Comments :    I would not trust my pets with anyone but Hwy 30 Vet Clinic! We have two dogs, one is 9 yrs old and the other is a puppy that we actually adopted through Hwy 30. Dr. Gary suggested Buck, who is arthritic and tends to have a dry coat and dandruff, start taking Dasequin chewables and asked us to start putting a fish oil supplement they have at the office on his food once a day. His coat has improved and is so shiny, and he is more playful with our puppy and gets around much easier! They are loving and kind people who truly care about the pets they treat and their owners too! Our little family could not be more blessed by such wonderful people!
Posted By :    Lindsay Strain
Posted :    8/5/2012
Comments :    Hwy 30 Vet is the only place we would trust our four-legged babies with! They have treated our pets for years and recently went through a devastating loss with us. Our 11 year old yellow lab, Gauge, went downhill faster than anyone would have ever expected. Dr. Gary and his team worked so hard to not only treat him, but make sure he stayed as comfortable as possible during his final two weeks. They called us regularly to check on him, made sure someone was available almost immediately when we needed to see a doctor, and most importantly discussed our options as honestly and gently as possible. Due to complications from multiple illnesses, we had to make the tough decision to put our baby down. Dr. Gary met us at the clinic at 9pm on a Saturday evening and stayed with us until we had composed ourselves enough to go home. Each time we arrive at the clinic, whether it's for a routine check-up or a major concern, we feel welcomed and we know that our pets are taken care of as if they were their own. I HIGHLY recommend Hwy 30, they have proven again and again that they will go above and beyond!
Posted By :    Brenda Kubicki  (brendak@wicksonwireless.com) 
Posted :    5/15/2012
Comments :    I can not say enough about this clinic. Still Creek Ranch would be over ran with cats due to the fact they breed so quickly. They have donated a lot of time and money into our animals at the Ranch. Thank you so much...Dr. Lackey. The three wild girl cats are doing well. They have not become domesticated but they are healthy and much more friendly. Thanks again for all your help....to Still Creek Boys Ranch.
Posted By :    MSuperville  (lisancentraltx@yahoo.com) 
Posted :    5/3/2012
Comments :    I've been using Dr. Lackey as a vet for close to 20 years, I guess. I've had several dogs adopted, handed down to me by relatives, and/or 2 raised from pups. I have never used another vet since my college roommate from San Antonio asked me to take the road trip with her when she made her yearly trek to take her pets to Dr. Lackey. I've been without pets for a couple of years since my little girl Angelique died, but I am looking at adopting another 'baby' and the 1st thing I am doing is making sure that Dr. Lackey is still where he [Dr. Gary Lackey] was the last time I visited! I want to add that if you think Dr. Lackey charges a few dollars more - which I haven't noticed being higher than any other vet, those few dollars are worth it because you are paying for over 30 years of EXPERIENCE and QUALITY that you won't find at many other locations.
Posted By :    Ben Kologinczak
Posted :    4/27/2012
Comments :    Dr. Gary is genuine and I fully trust his medical advice. This clinic has 5 star service and staff.
Posted By :    Patricia Lavender
Posted :    2/29/2012
Comments :    On Friday, Feb. 10, 2012 we came home to find our beautiful dog Jaxson very ill and not able to get up, we called Dr. Lackey at 10 minutes to 6:00 and he waited for us to rush Jaxson into his office. When we arrived he met us outside at our car (that meant so much to me as I was so anxious)however,when we got Jaxson into the office, there was nothing that could be done for him as we found out later he had a cancer that was not treatable and he died at 6:20 that night in Dr. Lackey's office. Dr. Lackey was so kind and gentle to Jaxson and so very kind to us and helped us get through this hour of horrible shock. All our dogs have been special to us but this dog was our "baby" and we miss him so much. What helps us most is knowing that he was in the best hands even till his last minute of life and we appreciate and love these people. Thank you Dr. Lackey and your staff for everything. You are the best!
Posted By :    Debbie
Posted :    1/20/2012
Comments :    Dr. Diane is the best at researching complicated cases. Because of her my dog now can live a happy comfortable life despite her disease. THANK YOU.
Posted By :    Carol Khoury
Posted :    12/9/2011
Comments :    Bill and I wish to offer our recommendation of Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic. We moved from New Hampshire to College Station, Texas four years ago. Your clinic was recommended by several people. We are thankful that we followed their advice. Our dog, Rascal has always been treated with kindness and tenderness whether by vet assistants, the front desk crew, and of course both Dr. Gary and Dr. Diane Lackey. Like any parent, we were anxious at first to bring our 4 pawed child to strangers. Immediately we were put at ease. Not only were Rascal's needs met, so were ours. Recently, when Rascal became ill, Dr. Lackey made himself available to us 24 hours in case there was a change in Rascal's condition. He constantly called just to check on Rascal and us. That has really meant a lot to us. We would like to thank everyone for making Rascal and us feel like we were the only patients in your practice. Blessing to you and your staff, Carol and Bill Khoury
Posted By :    Caitlin
Posted :    12/5/2011
Comments :    I love the way the clinic is homey and the staff is friendly. I never worry about my pets when I board them at Hwy 30 Clinic. Also, the girls in the front keep my smaller dog, "Bella" behind the desk with them and she loves that!

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